Vision Maps with Angie: Discover Your Purpose | Discover Your Life
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Are you tired of life passing you by? Do you love all things UNIVERSE but struggle to identify your purpose?  Life experiences have caused you to grow and you may have found yourself existing but not thriving; you may lack inner peace and fulfillment. Is this you?  This is the time to pursue your passion(s), to move the dial forward, to get rid of old habits that have clouded your ability to see the 2.0 version of yourself.  You know that there's something just over the horizon, you can feel it with every morsel of your being that has a much deeper meaning.  But, llife keeps throwing curve balls and is leaving you feeling defeated instead of pursuing your soul's desires.  Let me tell you, I get it !! Wore the t-shirt one to many times.  Here is what matters most though.  How you react to the curve balls thrown at you and how you choose to shift through the minutia of uncomfortable to flourishing. 

Is it easy to do?  Hell no.  Is it worth it?  Hell YES!

Destination Excellence was birthed from grief, healing and my own hero's journey.  This manual is for the die hard visionary who is looking to step up their vision board game a notch.   The advanced vision board manual is a 8 x 8 workbook of everything you'll need to know about Vision Boards; define, background, history, why they work and how to create the most empowering, successful and creative one yet.   This manual will also serve as the foundation for your vision board. The manual will also teach you how to create an intentional and effective Vision Board. Throughout this manual you will gain clarity and focus on who you want to be, do and have to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. It'll guide you through a step-by-step process to creating a masterpiece you’ll be proud of and manifest it into reality.  The manual will also include a set of perforated cards for a values assessment, Bank of Universe checks, content around gratitude, setting intentions, QR code for a recorded meditation and so much more. 

Are You Ready?